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Miniature Replica Helmets

Kral's Creations Miniature Replica Helmets are a 1/2 scale helmet available in a unique shape that resembles several of the most popular car racing helmets in use around the world today. They are fully lined and padded just like a full size helmet and include details such as chin straps with buckles and an operational tinted visor. Materials used in their construction mirror those used in the construction of a real racing helmet.

Now you can create your own range of Miniature Replica Helmets in a design that will showcase your business!

Any existing helmet paint scheme can be reproduced and applied to this distinctive product.*

We also offer an in-house design service allowing for the creation of a design tailored to suit your specific requirements so you can showcase your business identity and other relevant promotional information.

Miniature Replica Helmets can have numerous benefits for businesses with an automotive or motorsport association including:
  • Merchandise / memorabilia sales
  • Unique gifts to sponsors / valued customers
  • In-house and customer incentive / reward schemes
  • Corporate events; centre pieces, product releases, awards
  • Brand identification / association
  • Limited edition collectors series
Download a Factsheet on Miniature Replica Helmets

Pricing schedule for painted Miniature Replica Helmets:

Miniature Replica Helmets For full pricing details, please contact us directly.

  • A minimum order quantity is 250 units painted in the one design.
  • Expected turn around time from receipt of order is 70 to 80 days
*Limitations may arise with reproducing some types of special custom colours or effects. ^Price per Unit excludes shipping and freight charges. Shipping and freight charges are extra and will depend on country of destination. Shipping may be handled independently by client.